Permanent Makeup by Jen


It creates everlasting eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and beauty marks. The most important aspect of permanent make-up is not that it looks as good as regular make-up – it looks better! It has the added advantages of not coming off and it saves you time.

– Any woman who uses eyebrow pencils will love having permanent make-up. It will look better than her own cosmetics with softer and more natural tones, but will not need to be applied every day.

EYELINER – Small amounts of pigment are applied to the base of the lash line, making lashes look fuller.

LIP LINER – Colors that are used for lips mimic natural lip color and are available in many shades. The liner corrects asymmetry, adds definition and fullness, and can also reshape your lips.

A FREE consultation with no obligation is offered to anyone interested in permanent make-up!

Most commonly asked question:

What is involved in recovery?
There is slight swelling and redness in the skin, which does not last but a day or two. Complete healing takes one to six weeks, while the procedure heals and reaches its final color.

How much does it cost? Receive additional discount for doing multiple procedures on the same day!


Upper lid only


Lower lid only



Lip liner


Lip Stick



Full brow





Prices subject to change without notice


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